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Head of Karelia has approved the Program of energy sector development in the republic

Head of the Republic Sergey Katanandov has signed the order of the Government of Karelia, approving the Program of energy dector development in the republic through to 2012. Carrying-out of the program will allow to facilitate reliable electrosupply of regions of Karelia, to increase unused capacities necessary for implementation of investment projects and development of economy of the republic.

The main objects of the program of 2009 will be construction of the high-voltage line connecting the Kola atomic power station and Kniazhegubsky hydroelectric power station, reconstruction of Drevlyanka substation with replacement of autotransformers and network equipment, construction of substations in Sortavala and Lahdenpohja, as well as other settlements of Karelia.

Within the scope of the program it is also necessary to complete maintenance of external electrosupply of the island of Valaam with cable laying through the bottom of Ladoga lake. Grand reconstruction of municipal electronetwork facilities and existing diesel power stations is also expected.

The long term prospects provide reconstruction of Petrozavodsk thermal power station of TGK-1, Inc., construction of hydroelectric power stations on rivers Kem, Segezha, Vodla and the Chirka-Kem, as well as restoration and reconstruction of small hydroelectric power stations. Thus, carrying-out of the program will allow the republic to increase development of its own electric energy, raise reliability and quality of power supply, and strengthen its security of energy supply.

Carrying-out of the program will demand 23,7 billion roubles. Funds of investment programs of the Federal Network Company of Unified Energy System of Russia, Inc., Inter-Regional Distributive Network Company of Northwest, Inc., and the Territorial Generating Company N1, Inc., as well as payments for technological connection to electric power sources and networks will become sources for its financing.

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