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Regional Center of the Presidential Library to appear in Karelia

Regional center of the Presidential Library will be created in Petrozavodsk on the basis of the National library of the Republic of Karelia. Minister of Culture and Public Relations Galina Brun has informed on it participants of session of the government of Karelia.

The Regional center is created on the basis of the order signed on June 18, 2007 by president Vladimir Putin On Creation of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library. The library was located in the Synod building in St.-Petersburg. Then it has been decided, that the Presidential Library should have branches in all subjects of the Russian Federation and will let everubody use its funds. Within the walls of the new library readers should receive as much as possible information on any subject related to the law and the state. Digitized historical documents, rare books access to which, as a rule, is refused for the broad audience of readers have comprised the basis of library funds.

Since then 11 regions of Russia could take part in creation of Regional Centers of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library. In the Northwest Federal District only Karelia, having proved to be the region with high level of informatization, takes part in this project today. National Library of the RK wa chosen to become the basis for creation of the Regional Center in the republic.

Draft strategic plan and draft plan of basic actions for creation of the Regional Center of the Presidential Library on the basis of the National Library have been considered and approved by the board of the Ministry of Culture and Public Relations on May 29, 2008.

According to Galina Brun, the Regional Center is created to render complex library, information, education services to the broad audience of users of Karelia, including with use of modern means of communication, provision of all kinds of information on the issues concerning the Russian statehood, its history and actual practice.

Structure of funds of the Regional Center will include documents on various carriers: electronic documents, printed editions, audiovisual materials mainly on history of Karelia, activity of various institutes of the government in Karelia, official information of authorities to Karelia, as well as basic documents on history of the Russian statehood.

Access to electronic information resources of the Presidential Library and its Regional Center will be provided from the electronic reading room. Some information resources will be open for remote access to Internet users.

Computers, presentation equipment, a server, a data storage system, etc. will provide technical maintenance of the Regional Сenter. Besides, the complete set of equipment will include the mobile library information complex with 5 lap-top computers, a multimedia-projector, satellite Internet access, a book fund, CD-, DVD-, audio- and video-funds.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Public Relations, the project of creation of the Regional Center of the Presidential Library in Karelia may be completed in three years.

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