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Energy saving as the way of life

On July 3, Head of the Republic of Karelia has returned to Petrozavodsk from Arkhangelsk where he has taken part in session of Presidium of the State Council at the President of the Russian Federation. Sergey Katanandov has commented on the course of discussion at the session and on decisions made.

The key issue of the session was increase of energy efficiency of the Russian economy. Importance of the issue is acknowledged with figures announced at the session. Consumption of energy per unit of production made in economy of Russia on the average is three times more than in the European Union. Such spheres as municipal services in our country in general have turned in to 'a black hole', where, contrary to physical laws, energy disappears completely, without passing into a matter. With such parameters Russia will be both unable to compete to economically developed countries, and even risks to never come out of the recession.

I would like to pay attention to the fact that in session of Presidium of the State Council have participated heads of the country, heads of ministries and departments, heads of regions, Sergey Katanandov has told. It means that the problem of energy efficiency is brought to the most high state level. Thus, Citizens of Karelia may understand how serious and actual the problem is. Very important decisions have been made. First, work on the new federal law often mentioned by the President comes to the end. Introduction of this law may lead to introduction of a number of restrictions on use of some kinds of equipment and electrodevices mismatching modern requirements of energy saving. Second, complex work on modernization of the entire system of our life enterprises, buildings, habitation, etc., will be undertaken, Head of the Republic has told.

Energy saving it is elevated to a state policy and has almost become another National project to be supervised by President Dmitry Medvedev in person. The purpose of these policy is to achieve 40% reduction of expenditures connected power resources on the average.

We are uneconomical, we are careless, and we should bring power expenses into the accord with those crisis phenomena which we observe now, Sergey Katanandov considers. To pay off for the apartment people need a fortune. The housing-and-municipal system is inefficient. Production of our enterprises is noncompetitive because of too high power inputs. Therefore, decisions of the State Council will concern everyone both real sector of economy, and budgetary sphere, and citizens. For the industry we should expect introduction of penal sanctions for irrational expenditure of energy, and tax and others preferences for introduction of energy-efficient technologies. Citizens of the country should recollect old times when plates Switch off the light!, Turn off the tap!, Close the door! were everywhere. It is supposed to create a whole information system that will both induce citizens to save energy, and also to show ways of achieving this economy, as we can not go on like this. Countries of the West today pay lots of attention to let their citizens use energy-efficient teapots, irons, TVs, refrigerators and other equipment, and we should reconstruct our life in this sphere, too, Sergey Katanandov has told.

Maxim Tikhonov
Press-secretary of the Head of the Republic of Karelia

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