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The second volume of Encyclopedia Karelia came into the world

Presentation of the second volume of Encyclopedia Karelia was held on July 3, in the Nobiliary Assembly Hall of Karelian State Museum of Local History.

The second volume of Encyclopedia Karelia

The second volume of Encyclopedia Karelia

Preparation of this edition is a unique project in history of publishing trade of the republic. The encyclopedia was initially planned as a universal reference media containing systematized information on nature, history, culture, economy, science, education, public health and other aspects of life in Karelia.

Work on the edition has been in progress since 1997. Many leading scientists and experts of the republic, workers of bodies of the government and public administration participated in preparation of the encyclopedia.

The edition contains the richest illustrative materials from funds of the National Archive and National Library of Karelia, Karelian State Museum of Local History, Museum of Fine Arts, Kizhi Open-Air State Museum, ministries and departments, Karelian Research Centre, Petrozavodsk and Karelian diocese, personal archives of authors of the encyclopedia entries, works of famous Karelian photographers and artists.

The first volume of Encyclopedia Karelia (preliminary articles and entries from А to Й) came into the world in 2007 and became one of the winners of the competition Book of the Year of the Republic of Karelia — 2007 in The Best Polygraphic Quality nomination.

Alexander Kolesov delivers a speech

Alexander Kolesov delivers a speech

The second volume of encyclopedia (from К to П) issued in an edition of 3000 copies contains over 1200 entries and about 1100 illustrations, pictures, schemes, tables. More than 400 people worked on its composition.

Assistant to the Prime Minister of the Government of the republic Alexander Kolesov and the editor-in-chief of the book, chairman of presidium of Karelian Research Centre, Alexander Titov spoke at the presentation. Alexander Kolesov has emphasized, that for Karelia this edition is of no less cultural value than Kalevala, and Alexander Titov has informed, that the third volume of encyclopedia will be published in the beginning of the next year, and work on the fourth — additional — volume is in hand.

Encyclopedia is intended for a wide range of readers: it will be interesting to students and teachers of various educational institutions, workers of culture, politicians, entrepreneurs, as well as everyone interested in history of Karelia and all aspects of life in the republic.

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