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Young people enjoy studying Karelian language

From June, 29 to July, 5 the village of Veshkelitsy (Suojärvi municipal region) hosted International courses of Karelian language. For the 20th time of teachers and tutors from Olonets and Pryazha national municipal regions, Suojärvi municipal region, Petrozavodsk and members of public associations of Karelians of Finland have gathered for extension courses in the field of Karelian language and culture.

Training passed in two groups: the first included those who speak Karelian language, is acquainted with traditional culture, history, Karelian language literature, the second included those who start getting acquainted with phonetics, grammar, lexicon of Karelian language, as well as with traditions and customs of the Karelian people for the first time. Participants of courses have got acquainted with material and spiritual culture of Karelians, with history of the village of Veshkelitsy, have visited the village of Ignoila, have taken part in concert programs of Oma Paö and Veshkelitsy rural palace of culture, have learned to bake Karelian kalitkas (small Karelian pies made of rye flour unleavened dough).

Teachers at the courses Olga Zharinova and Elena Filippova have noted special interest of students in studying native for many of them Karelian language. Especially pleasant is the fact that the youth actively joins language and ethnocultural studies, becomes familiar with uniqueness of northern land. Students of Karelian and Finnish high schools, young teachers participated in the courses. Knowledge they obtain will help them in the further development of their Karelian language skills and formation of their ethnic identity.

The village of Veshkelitsy is a place of traditional residing of Karelians, where native language is spoken today, too, Karelian language is studied at school by all students from the 1st to 11th grades. The local community is interested in preservation of language and culture of the Karelian people. Residents of the village plan to establish their public association of Karelians of Suojärvi region.

The courses were held at the support of administration of Suojärvi municipal region, Karelian State Pedagogical University, Ministry of the Republic of Karelia on National Politics and Relations with Religious Associations and the Karelian Union of Finland.

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