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Presentation of stone plates with petroglyphs was held in Karelian Museum of Local History

Unique stone plates with petroglyphs were discovered in 2008 on cape Peri Nos VI of Onego lake by scientists of Petrozavodsk State University at the assistance of a group of businessmen from Petrozavodsk.

Stone plates carved on them symbolical and other unique drawings are a part of primitive rock-carved 'iconostasis' and, perhaps, a part of ancient paleoobservatory. This finding is an important opening for the Russian archeology and may promote increase in cultural and tourist potential of the republic.

Stone plates with petroglyphs were considered lost, now the scientists have an opportunity to reconstruct the rock carving of cape Peri Nos VI almost in full that, undoubtedly, will change the scientists' view on the value of this part of the Onega iconostasis (Karelia's Stone Bible).

On one of the plates rock-carved drawings have remained perfectly preserved - 17 complete and two fragmented images. Among them there are unique ones - a 'horned' anthropomorphic male figure, two figures in the scene of dance or procession, as well as a boat, solar and lunar signs. On the second fragment of the rock there are rock-carved images of swan and symbolical figures.

Cape Peri Nos VI is one of the most interesting capes on Onego lake. There are many mythological drwings: elk-sun, man-elk, a unique sign of firmament, ritual hunting, a figure of shaman. However, the greatest riddle is numerous symbolical images dating back to the earliest cravings. Perhaps, nowhere in primitive art of petroglyphs of the North there is no such abundance and variety. Most of them represent circles, semicircles or crescent figures with two short lines which form a loop or a zigzag. Researchers treat such signs as symbols of the Sun or the Moon. However, it is not clear why they have so many (more than 20) variations. New findings will help to cast light on secrets of mysterious signs of cape Peri Nos VI.


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