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Implementation of large investment project in Medvezhiegorsk region is completed

Despite of the crisis, some mining enterprises of the republic do not reduce rate of production, but overhaul and and make new investment plans even under crisis conditions.

Realization of more than 200-million-roubles investment project is completed on macadam deposit Lobskoye-5 in Medvezhyegorsk region. Within the scope of the project there has been constructed a new grinding-sorting factory. All equipment for the factory was made in Finland. According to representatives of Evrobeton Joint-Stock Company, being the mine founder, occurrence of the new factory will allow to increase substantially of macadam production, to cut production costs and to improve the product quality.

So, if last year volumes of production made about 25000 tons of macadam of the 5-20 fraction a month, now it is planned to achieve volumes of up to 70000 tons. Annually it will be processed up to 3 million tons of mined rock, and output of various fractions will make about one and a half millions tons.

Besides occurrence of the new factory on the deposit, the port been reconstructed there, the loading conveyor has been built that allows production delivery by waterway. The enterprise plans to build another conveyor, which volume of investments will make about 5 million roubles, and to construct the third railway line in its own terminal. At present the terminal has two railway lines which cost has made 35 million roubles. One more line will allow to increase turnover of goods by railway by 30%.

All these figures represent a result already acknowledged by residents of the region. The enterprise works, it has prospects of development and it pays taxes in the budget and provides new workplaces in the region. In the beginning of the year on Lobskoye-5 there worked only 25 people, today this figure makes 65. When the enterprise will be up and running at full capacity, according to the staff list, there will work 103 people.

As the Minister of Natural Resources of Karelia Lev Shustov notes: Our task, as of the enforcement authority, is to create favorable conditions for development of enterprises of the mining complex. Such examples of implementation of large investment projects, capacity expansion, occurrence of new workplaces in the branch, prove that we can do it.

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Created: July 9, 2009. Last updated: July 9, 2009.
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