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Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin making a working visit to Karelia has held a session of the State Border Commission in Petrozavodsk

Vladimir Putin's opening address:
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Good afternoon, dear colleagues.

Before we begin our work, I'd like to say that new colleagues are included in our Commission: these are Plenipotentiary of the President in Ural Federal District Nikolay Vinnichenko, Plenipotentiary in the Far East Federal District Victor Ishayev (who is necessarily absent today), and Minister of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik.

We will now proceed to the agenda.

Today we should discuss a wide range of issues: matters will concern prospects of frontier infrastructure development, realization of our decision on moving the system of customs supervision closer towards the state border, and also implementation of concerted boundary policy within the CIS.

Session of the State Border Commission chaired by the Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation V.Putin

Session of the State Border Commission chaired by the Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation V.Putin

I consider that tasks of security in frontier regions deserve the most scrupulous attention. Rich resource potential of these territories is attractive to the neighbouring states. It should become a basis for cooperation development.

As you know, in business there is such concept, as 'hostile takeover'. So, we cannot and should not allow any 'hostile takeover' in any areas of cooperation.

I pay your attention that work in this important direction has to be conducted in close cooperation with regional authorities which possess more profound knowledge of local conditions and specificity, and can respond to it efficiently.

As for the cross-border cooperation, economic cooperation, humanitarian and cultural interaction, Russia is open to close and interested partnership with neighbours.

At the same time, it is necessary to continue strategic course on complex improvement of facilities of the state border, formation of its new appearance according to international standards.

Just last year we have spent more than 19 billion rbl. on realization of the State Border of the Russian Federation (2003-2010) federal target program, which is a significant amount. Now, under conditions of scarcity of financial resources, I request to analyze prospects of performance of all program actions carefully.

I emphasize, completion of the program next year does not mean, that all tasks of equipment of the border are already executed completely. This work should continue within the scope of the new federal target program designed for the period through to 2016.

In it necessarily to provide arrangement of the check points involved in preparation and carrying out of the Olympic Games in Sochi and APEC summit in Vladivostok; as well as objects for support of oil export received through the Baltic Pipeline System-2 and East Siberia - Pacific Ocean System. These are large infrastructure projects which we should complete in the near future, and which are at the stage of finalization.

Among priorities there are improvement of facilities of the state border with Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, Ukraine, in the Arctic regions; defense and protection of exclusive economic zone in the Pacific Region.

At development of the system of transit across the state border please consider that during the post-crisis period commodity circulation will grow at a faster pace and loading of border checkpoints will increase appreciably. Now, on the contrary, we encounter falling. Commodity circulation will certainly grow and, most likely, even at a faster pace than in the previous favorable years.

Besides, perspective tasks in formation of boundary infrastructure should be coordinated with long-term plans of social and economic development of the country as a whole and some of its regions.

Ministry of Economic Development is carrying out necessary analysis, which first results we shall discuss today.

Next. Today we shall talk about moving customs supervision closer to the state border. We have spoken about it earlier. Our colleague Andrey Belyaninov, head of the Customs Service, reported on the course of this work to me the day before. As a whole, it corresponds to the schedule.

Measures stipulated by this program will allow mitigating traffic load on large Russian cities in the future essentially, furthering economic security of the country. Expenditures of participants of foreign trade activities will also decrease, as they will pass all customs formalities directly at the border.

Besides, cargoes on the site from the state border to the customs stations in internal regions of the country used to remain out of due control. Of course, unfair entrepreneurs took advantage of this situation. Now loopholes for shadow business should be blocked.

Expenses from the federal budget on realization of the Concept can be reduced due to use of public-private partnership mechanisms. At this point, our task is to provide legal support to attractiveness of such investments to business.

In the sphere of permanent attention of our Commission there are tasks related to building the integral system of border security within the CIS.

Priorities in this sphere are well-known. It is necessary to continue approximation of laws for cooperation, to eliminate all emergent controversies and points at issue on mutually acceptable conditions. As we know, when we take account of each other's interests, we always find ways out.

As before, I consider it necessary to increase consistency and coordination of defense and law enforcement agencies of the states participating in the CIS in the interests of joint opposition to developing threats. These well-known threats are drug trafficking and organized crime.

Of course, it is necessary to use more actively Russia's potential in those areas where we have done a good groundwork for development of cooperation and interaction with our traditional partners. I mean professional manpower development for customs and law enforcement bodies of the states participating in the CIS with use of uniform academic standards, promotion of Russian weapon and enginery samples for equipment of boundary departments of our integration process partners.

Let's begin our work.

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