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Retrofit installation to be held at Pitkranta pulp mill

Modernization carried out at the enterprise for some years played a big part in the increase in output of Pitkäranta pulp mill joint-stock company. At this point there has been worked out four directions of re-engineering focused on reduction of production cost, and on solution of ecological issues.

First of all, it is planned to carry out modernization of the digester house related to replacement of circulator pumps. Total economic benefit is estimated to make 15,6 million roubles.

Second, it is planned to substitute bark boiler for existing boilers to burn the entire volume of bark and wood wastes. Besides, by means of steam there will be generated additional electric power, and a number of ecological isues will be solved.

The third stage includes modernization of condensing turbine in the thermal power station. Technical negotiations with partners have been already carried out. As a result of the turbine modernization of the enterprise will receive 36,212,000 roubles of economic benefit related to increase in development of own electric power.

The fourth stage of modernization should include setup or modernization of the steam condensing system of the pulp-drying machine No. 3. This action will allow to cut back on pulp drying heat consumption without the pulp-drying machine productivity slowdown or to increase productivity of the pulp-drying machine without increasing pulp drying heat consumption.

These projects will allow to increase productivity and improve production quality, to bring down the number of unscheduled equipment downtimes, as well as repair expenses and power inputs.

Tatyana Shevyreva

Technical support
Created: July 16, 2009. Last updated: July 17, 2009.
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