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Karelian language to be used for all national events

Republican competition Karelian and Veppsian families "My Father's House"

Republican competition Karelian and Veppsian families "My Father's House"

At the conference Development of Karelian Language in the Republic of Karelia: Status, Problems and Prospects held in 2007 Karelians have advanced an idea of preservation and development of their native language as a key in the complex of measures for the counteraction of prompt assimilation processes. Among priority tasks there were revival of the mechanism of language and ethnocultural continuity, solution of tasks of teaching children and young people their native language, training of national personnel, extension of use of Karelian language.

A certain result was obtained in solution of this task: in the period from 2007 to 2009 in the republic there has been published over 50 books and brochures in languages of the Baltic and Finnish peoples or with use of Karelian, Veppsian and Finnish of languages in total circulation of over 15 thousand copies. Such growth of the variety of editions devoted to languages and culture, traditions and lifestyles of Karelians, Veppsians and Finns of Karelia is possible only in the context of the rapid process of formation and popularization of the Baltic and Finnish languages, growth of ethnocultural consciousness of ethnoses, and the state's interest in support of rights indigenous peoples of Karelia to ethnocultural development, which is important.

Quite important goal for Karelians is also development of the literary form of Karelian language. Of course, one of obvious factors of the Karelian language development is its active introduction in social practice when national language is spoken, for example, during events, sessions, and assemblies of national public associations of Karelians. A positive example was the recently held VIth Congress of Karelians of the Republic of Karelia when only Karelian language was used and the Congress Chairman Victor Bogdanov was also speaking only Karelian language there. Head of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov has addressed to participants of the Congress in Karelian, as well. All the basic reports have been made in Karelian language.

If, in what follows, Karelians themselves, chairpersons and members of national public associations would speak native language, no one would neither deny demand for Karelian language, nor its prospects.

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