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Karelia completed implementation of the Ist stage of the the Plan of republican activities within the framework of the IInd Decade of the World Indigenous Peoples held in the Russian Federation

90th annversary of the Republic of Karelia

In order to consolidate international cooperation in solution of problems that indigenous peoples face in the field of education, public health services, human rights, environment and social and economic development through implementation of task-oriented programs and projects in 2008 the Republic of Karelia has approved the Plan of activities of the republic for 2008-2009 within the scope of the II Decade of the World Indigenous Peoples carried out in the Russian Federation. The main performers of the the Plan were executive bodies and local self-government of the Republic of Karelia, national public associations of Karelians and Veppsians of the republic, establishments of public health services, science, education, culture, and mass-media.

Within the scope of implementation of one of strategic purposes of the Government of the Republic of Karelia which is improvement of the quality of life of the population construction of the first stage of the first starting complex of secondary school in the village of Sheltozero (a gym, a dining room and workshops), as well as the main building of the central regional hospital in Olonets were completed in 2009. Besides, construction of the II stage of the obstetrics-surgical unit with a polyclinic for 105 visitings a day in the settlement of Kalevala proceeds. These objects of social purpose will promote settling of youth from among representatives of indigenous peoples Karelians and Veppsians in places of their traditional residing, promote development of territories, preservation of language and traditional culture of indigenous population of the republic.

Special attention within the scope of implementation of the Plan was paid to organizational and technical activities in the sphere of public health services of indigenous people. Prophylactic medical examination of the population from among indigenous peoples of the republic was carried out, sanatorium treatment was offered to adults and children within the scope of implementation of the Health priority national project and activities regarding medical prevention of chronic and socially-significant diseases; in establishments of general education of the republic there have been held seminars and conferences for health workers and teachers, group conversations, actions for children devoted to healthy lifesyle and struggle against narcotism and alcoholism.

In the sphere of education it is especially necessary to mention work on writing textbooks of the new generation in Karelian and Veppsian languages which resulted in publishing of native language manuals and textbooks of new generation for grades 1st and 2nd. There proceed practice of carrying out of school, republican and inter-regional native language contests, correspondence competitions of essays, competitions of experts in Veppsian language and Kalevala connoisseurs, conferences devoted to the Day of Karelian and Veppsian Writing, activities within the scope of the International day of Native Languages, summer language camps directed on perfection of methods of use of Karelian and Veppsian languages in colloquial practice; formation of positive attitude of young generation to their language and culture; teaching respectful attitude to their family and society.

Publishing in Karelian, Veppsian and Finnish languages which allows to improve the process of becoming and development of literature in native languages, promotes development of Karelian and Veppsian languages that have recently acquired written forms, imparts reaging in native languages to the young generation is also of a special value. Ethnographic materials published in Russian about Karelians and Veppsians allow to inform population of the republic more widely on historical landmarks in life of the peoples and on achievements in the field of language and cultural development. Carrying out of many seminars, and conferences resulted in publication of the collections of materials. Thus, by the Vth World Congress of Finno-Ugric People monographies Karelians and Veppsians have been published in Russian, Karelian and Veppsian languages, A.Volkova's Song about Livvs was published in 13 Finno-Ugric languages; on the threshold of the VIth Congress of Karelians of the Republic of Karelia there have been released the E.Filippov's Russian-Karelian Phrase Book, CDs Developing fairy tales in Karelian proper dialect of Karelian Language and Songs of Karelian National Chorus Oma Paö, etc.

S[pecial paragraph of the Plan of republican activities has been devoted to preservation and propagation of cultural heritage and development of traditional culture of indigenous peoples of the republic. Festivals of arts and national creativity of Finno-Ugric people in municipal formations of the republic, concerts, holidays, national sports activities among representatives of Finno-Ugric people of the republic are held. Support is rendered to folklore ensembles preserving traditional knowledge. Recently the positive tendency has developed regarding traditional forms managenebt - arts and crafts, activities on preservation and development of craft skills in places of traditional residing of Karelians and Veppsians, popularizations of applied arts of is carried out. Work on decoding of folklore records in Veppsian language stored in the audio-archive of Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Science proceeds. Finno-Ugric Libraries of Russia site with electronic library of Finno-Ugric peoples, Fauna of Karelia site in Veppsian language have been created, Vepsika and Karelika databases are supported, work on the site Indigenous Peoples of Karelia proceeds. Audio and videorecords of traditional musical folklore are published.

Paying lots of attention to legal culture of the population from among the indigenous peoples, their knowledge of bases of the legislation and their enforcement practice, increase of professional competence of representatives of bodies of the government and local self-government, institutions of education and culture, participation in pursuance of the state national policy concerning indigenous peoples, in 2008-2009 in the Republic of Karelia together with national public associations the fillowing activities have been held: Inter-regional workshop conference Veppsians, Indigenous Small People of the Russian Federation: Prospects of Preservation and Development at participation of representatives of the Leningrad and Vologda regions, International seminar International Norms and legislation of the Russian Federation in the Field of Preservation of Language and Culture, Traditional Lifestyle, Nature Management of Indigenous People: Norm. Theory. Practice, seminar on the subject of Strengthening and Development of Potential of Nongovernmental Organizations Engaged in Protection of Culture and Languages of National Minorities at participation of representatives of the Council of Europe, Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, federal official bodies and nongovernmental organizations, Republican workshop conference To the Future through the Past, etc. One of the most significant events in life of the Republic of Karelia in 2009 was carrying out of the VIth Congress of Karelians on June, 19-20 and opening of the Korela inter-regional center for support of the Baltic and Finnish peoples. Carrying out of similar activities allows to consolidate efforts and actions of the government and the public of indigenous peoples for development of additional measures and introduction of mechanisms of government support directed on steady development of indigenous peoples in social practice.

Representatives of national public associations of Karelians and Veppsians of the republic are active participants of development of international and inter-regional Finno-Ugric cooperation Finno-Ugric peoples' conferences, seminars, festivals of folklore, songs, theatre and sports. At direct participation of delegation of the Republic of Karelia there have been held the Vth World congress of Finno-Ugric people, the Xth Future of Finno-Ugric Literatures International congress of Finno-Ugric writers, International conference devoted to the II Decade of the World Indigenous Peoples, the International youth seminar on human rights, the VIth Congress of indigenous small people of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation, the IVth Congress of Finno-Ugric people of the Russian Federation. In 2009 announced the Youth Year the Republic of Karelia, supporting good traditions the republic understands importance and significance of steadfast attention to development of civil, moral and spiritual values among children and youth Karelia has was honoured to host the IXthe Congress of Youth Association of Finno-Ugric Peoples (MAFUN). The Congress has allowed to develop friendship between representatives of our peoples, has given a new impulse in studying languages, cultures, customs, traditions, and has generated new positive directions for cooperation.

Many republican activities of the Plan on the II Decade of the World Indigenous Peoples in 2009 were held within the scope of preparation for the 90th anniversary of formation of the Republic of Karelia.

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