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The project of introduction of solid domestic waste sorting methods was launched in Petrozavodsk

Introduction of Solid Domestic Waste Sorting Methods project of the Nordic Council of Ministers was launched in Petrozavodsk. On January 21, the first meeting of representatives of such enterprises and organizations deaing with problems of waste recycling as Environment School of Finland (Helsinki), Department for Solid Domestic Waste Recycling (Elsinore municipality, Denmark), Avfall Norge – Norwegian association of enterprises and organizations for SDW recycling, three pilot condominium partnerships, operating companies, Avtospetstrans municipal enterprise was held in the administration of Petrozavodsk within the scope of this project.

The international project term is one year. Its ultimate goal is introduction of new technology of solid waste collecting in several pilot houses of Petrozavodsk. It is planned that in court yards of these houses there will be established separate containers for different kinds of solid household waste which subsequently may be recycled instead of being landfilled. The important component of this project is information campaign during which experts will explain the population rules and necessity of waste sorting.

As foreign participants of the project have told, in many European countries people sort solid household waste: glass, paper, plastic, and metal. In Denmark, for example, bottles are re-used after sanitation, other materials are recycled; those kinds of SDW which cannot be recycled undergo incinerating to generate thermal and electric energy. Only the remained waste is removed to landfills. Such waste recycling technologies allow to save resources and support normal ecological conditions. For example, in Norway the number of landfills in recent years has reduced from 400 to 50. Participants of the project will be able to develop a specific scheme of waste recycling suitable for Petrozavodsk upon carrying out necessary researches and analyses.

Next spring foreign experts will hold training seminars in Petrozavodsk for workers of the sphere of housing and communal services and information meetings for inhabitants concerning necessity of waste sorting and increase of ecological competence as a whole. Participants of the project consider it one of the most important stages, as it is consciousness of the townspeople and their responsible attitude to cleanliness of the city and condition of nature on which depends whether the city will accumulate landfills or will follow the way of European development.

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