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Visiting session of the Council of the Republic in Medvezhyegorsk was devoted to development of rural territories

Head of Karelia presides at the Council of the Republic

Head of Karelia presides at the Council of the Republic

On February 16, a visiting session of the Council of the Republic was held in Medvezhyegorsk. The subject of the session was development of rural territories, support of local agricultural producers and rural tourism.

The Council of the Republic consists of heads of regions. Head of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov has held the session. Acting Assistant to the Prime Mnister of the Government of the Republic of Karelia and Chief of the Administration of the Head of the Republic of Karelia Lyudmila Kosyuk and Chief Federal Inspector in the Republic of Karelia Alexander Hynninen have taken part in the session of the Council.

The two keynote reports at the Council of the Republic was made by the Minister of Agriculture, Fish Industry and Ecology of Karelia Grigory Manuilov and Minister of Economic Development of the republic Mikhail Yurinov have acted.

Grigory Manuilov makes a speech

Grigory Manuilov makes a speech

Now every fourth inhabitant of the republic lives in the countryside. Almost one half of agricultural production is prduced by industrial and family farms and consumer cooperative societies.

As Grigory Manuilov has told, the basic direction of the state support of minor forms of economic management in 2009 was subsidizing of interest rates on credits and extension of grants to support animal breeding. From budgets of all levels in 2009 for these purposes it has been allocated more than 7 million roubles.

The republic conducts competition of family farms, in 2009 39 farms became winners of the competition and received development grants from the budget of republic in the volume of 195 thousand roubles.

Heads of regions of the republic

Heads of regions of the republic

Fruit and vegetable gardening and dacha associations also play an important role in production of potatos, vegetables and fruit production. Gardening companies are supported with grants. In 2009 five companies from Kondopoga, Pryazha, Prionezhsky regions were assigned 4 million 895 thousand roubles from the budget of the republic.

Development of agriculture in many respects depends on availability of credit resources. The volume of extra means involved by minor forms of economic management from the beginning of realization of the priority national project in the countryside in Karelia has made more than 312 million roubles. One of the challenges in development of industrial and family farms is production distribution. Medvezhiegorsky dairy factory buying milk from the population sets a positive example in this respect. The important role in sales of production belongs to consumers' cooperative societies. The Karelpotrebsoyuz system remained in the overwhelming majority of regions of the republic, meat, milk, potatos, vegetables, wild-growing berries and mushrooms are purchased from villagers.

Despite of great volumes of state support to the village about which Grigory Manuilov has told, Sergey Katanandov has criticized work of the Ministry of Agriculture. Why lots of farmland is not used in the republic, why at rapid development of trout breeding fish processing is arranged poorly and forages are purchased abroad, that will happen to Ladoga lakeside state farms, why the share of agriculture in total amount of economy of the republic falls, - members of the Council of the Republic addressed these complex questions to the Minister of Agriculture.

At the same time in Russia the branch of agriculture has been growing during the crisis year 2009, and in Karelia it was possible to keep the earlier achieved volumes of production. It indicates demand of local production and great opportunities both for large, and for small enterprises in the countryside. Besides, in the context of growth of unemployment creation of industrial and family farms and consumer cooperative societies may provide work for many people having, thus, played an important role in support of social stability in the countrisyde.

On results of consideration of this issue members of the Council of the Republic have adopted a number of decisions called to help regions of the republic in development of minor forms of economic management in the countryside. Besides, this year the Ministry of Agriculture, Fish Industry and Ecology will prepare a draft program of agriculture development in the republic.

The second perspective direction of development of regions of Karelia is rural tourism. Estimated by experts of travel industry of the republic more than 500 families receive tourists in rural manors serving more than 10 thousand people a year.

Stimulating influence on development of rural tourism in Karelia was rendered by successful implementation of activities of three target programs of the republic for development of tourism, municipal target programs for development of tourism, international projects.

It was no coincidence that conversation on development of rural tourism was held in Medvezhyegorsk. The region today has is in the lead on the major parameter - dynamics of tourism infrastructure development. Now in territory of the region there are three hotels able to hold 170 guests, five recreation centers for 185 people, 15 guest houses for 140 people. Total amount of investments into tourism infrastructure of the region in the past two years has made about 35 million roubles.

Representative of Brlomorie travel company Tatyana Platova, chairman of KarelAgro cooperative society Tatyana Gotsaljuk and head of the Administration of Pryazha region Konstantin Gusev have told about experience in development of rural territories at the Council. As they said, the unique nature of Karelia and hospitality of local residents in villages annually attract many tourists to our republic.

The session of the Council of the Republic also discussed how to assist the countrymen to organize reception of tourists, as un the countryside with working guest house there is a need for working hands, and thus the complex problem of unemployment is being solved. One of the ways of real help is the Regional program of support of employment of the population in the Republic of Karelia. In 2009 the Ministry of Labour and Employment of Karelia has concluded 394 agreements on organization of self-employment of citizens, including 107 in the field of agricultural production and 26 in the sphere of rural tourism. In 2010 the program will go on, it is a good opportunity to receive a grant at the amount of more 100 thousand roubles from the state for business development.

During discussion of this issue at the Council of the Republic there have been elaborated other offers on further development of small business in the countryside. Sergey Katanandov has suggested heads of regions to think of creating their own brands in the sphere of tourism. Citizens of Russia most often associate Karelia with islands of Kizhi and Valaam and with Solovki. Such precise positioning of regions of the republic on sorts of tourist activity will help to attract new tourists and create more new workplaces in the countryside.

All participants of the Council of the Republic in their speeched have pointed out one more important thing. The land and the unique nature of Karelia give the people living in the countryside many opportunities to start their own business. Small agriculture and rural tourism are only two directions which develop today. However, any business demands, first of all, personal initiative of people, no state support will bring result without it. Therefore, today development of every village depends on the will of the people to improve their life.

The dialogue about development of rural territories of the republic is not finished yet. Teamwork of the Government, regional authorities, representatives of public organizations and local enterprises will continue. Sergey Katanandov at the session of the Council of the Republic has called all people who care for the future of Karelia to take active part in projects on development of the countryside.

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