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The Day of the Republic is nearing

90th annversary of the Republic of Karelia

The moment when our republic will celebrate its 90th anniversary comes closer with every day. During the days of celebration solemn events will take place in Petrozavodsk and throughout Karelia. The plan of future celebrations, first of all in the sphere of culture, was presented to journalists at the briefing in the Government of the republic by Galina Brun, the Minister of Culture and Public Relations of the Republic of Karelia.

Many investment projects are implemented for the 90th anniversary of formation of the republic, most of them are in the social and cultural sphere. First of all, these are new schools, hospitals, objects of culture and sports. Many of them have already opened their doors for the citizens of the republic, others will open in days of the holiday.

Among them there is the Kantele House, which reconstruction on Kirov square in Petrozavodsk has already come to the end. As the Minister has told, currently there goes installation of the modern equipment, and actors of Kantele State Ensemble prepare for house warming. On the Day of the Republic spectators are welcome to watch the first concert performed on the new stage. However, work of Kantele House will not be limited to it. During the days of the holiday it will be open for all visitors who could see how this Karelian national instrument is created, to order a national costume, as well as to get the master-class training of kantele-playing.

Galina Brun

Galina Brun

Another event is renewal of the permanent exposition in the State Museum of Local History after its reconstruction. Before restoration works held in different parts of the building did not allow to show everything stored in stocks of the museum. Now visitors will see the developed exposition which will include subjects from the storeroom of the museum, and the new findings discovered by builders and restorers.

In days of the anniversary the republic expects many visitors to come. The most significant for inhabitants of Karelia will be, of course, the visit of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia to Karelia who will perform the Festal Liturgy, meet with the public of Petrozavodsk, and also will take part in the ceremony opening of the monument to Alexander Nevsky, the patron of the main Karelian cathedral. Another monument to the Karelian frontier guards will appear in Petrozavodsk in Victory Boulevard, installed under the initiative of the Council of Veterans of Frontier Troops.

Businessmen and guests of the republic will be also able to visit the fair Economy of Karelia: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow in which enterprises of the republic will take part. Launching of the Karelia boat constructed on the stocks of Petrozavodsk is also coinsided with the anniversary.

During the holidays inhabitants of Karelia will enjoy concerts of the Russian stage stars invited as a gift to citizens of Petrozavodsk by the Government of Moscow. Other musical gift to city dwellers will be made by the investor of construction of new Onego Palace hotel which first stage will also open these days in the capital of Karelia.

Karelian actors will keep in step with the guest stars, as well as our Finnish neighbours. During the anniversary there will be held gala concerts of Days of regions of the Republic of Karelia in Petrozavodsk and the Cavalcade of Arts international project. Week of performances in national languages will be presented by the National Theatre of Karelia. The holiday program includes The Bride of Pohjola folklore performance in memory of the famous Karelian choreographer Viola Malmi, as well as other exhibitions and concerts, presentations and art competitions.

On the eve of the holiday premiums of the Republic of Karelia in the field of culture, arts and literature were awarded. Winners of the premium of 2010 were artist Valentine Chekmasov for creation of a series of landscapes on the Whire Sea region and implementation of the Let's Revive the Art of Itinerants project, deputy director of the Kizhi State Open-Air Museum of History, Architecture and Ethnography Lyudmila Shilova for implementation of the Children's Museum Center project, and the duet of actors of the National Theatre of Karelia - Peter Mikshiev and Vieno Mikshieva (Kettunen) for their outstanding contribution to the theatrical art of the republic.

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