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Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church visited Medvezhiegorsk region

90th annversary of the Republic of Karelia

Within the framework of celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia on June, 4 His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia came to Medvezhiegorsk region. The Primate has visited the Sandarmokh stow which was the killing field in 1937-1938 where he performed the lity for the victims of terror and repression. However, before that His Holiness has called on a chapel located in territory of the stow, and then he bestowed his blessing upon the congregation.

In the Sandarmokh stow

In the Sandarmokh stow

In his appeal to congregation the Patriarch has emphasized, that absence of belief causes terrible evil deeds, entails very grave consequences for mankind: "These killing fields are the uttermost monuments to godlessness. The unbeliever only becomes a beast, but never a believer, as he has a certain edge that is impossible to pass having not destroyed the inner faith. Being at these monuments to unbelief which made monsters of those boys and girls patted on the back in the childhood, all of us should draw an overwhelming world-view conclusion. We should hold on to our faith as to the guiding light so that that never again our people gets driven into this border-erasing insanity of apostasy. – His Holiness has encourage the people and continued: – No external factors are capable to change human inwardness. That is why thinking of the future of the whole mankind, not only of our country, we say that it is possible only when people connect belief to their life. Only then the way of historical development peacefull and joyful for people may be found.

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia

"We bear enormous responsibility before the memory of those who lays here, for the future of our children, formation of moral climate in our society, for creation of a new Russia where people live according to their conscience, not only following the law. Then the terrible stowes will remain only in our memory. We pray that never again innocent blood is shed, no brother kills brother, never a human turnes into beast, but the peace atmosphere of understanding develops."

In conclusion of his spech the Primate thnaked everybody who came to Sandarmokh to share with him the prayer for innocent murder victims.

Having served the commemoration, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill made his way to the settlement of Povenets. The Primate visited objects of the White Sea-Baltic Canal and in the Church of St. Nicolas the Miracle-Worker. In сonclusion of his visit he went to Kizhi island.

Elena Egorova, The Dalogue newspaper

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