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Prime Minister of Russia promisses support in solution of issues vital for Karelia

Meeting of the Presidium of the Government of Karelia

Meeting of the Presidium of the Government of Karelia

On January, 14 Head of Karelia Andrei Nelidov has held a session of the Presidium of the Government of the republic on results of his meeting with Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin held the day before.

As Andrei Nelidov has told, as a whole Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has estimated work of the Government of Karelia as good, having particularly noted improvement of political situation which had found expression, first of all, in cessation of a confrontation between the republic and local self-government of Petrozavodsk. Vladimir Putin has also pointed out such positive trends in development of Karelia as marked increase of investments and overcoming the budgeted deficit.

In turn, Head of Karelia has submitted for consideration of the Prime Minister some issues that for certain the republic will not be able to solve on its own. For example, reconstruction of the Gogol bridge overpass in Petrozavodsk which connects two districts of the Karelian capital is priced at 1,3 billion roubles, assuming that the budget of development of the republic (the investment program) in 2011 makes less than one third of this amount. Prime Minister has appended instructions to consider possible co-financing of the project from the federal budget. The pontoon bridge in the settlement of Solomennoye and the bridge in Kem region may also be co-financed.

One of the key issues of the meeting was gasification of Northern Ladoga Lakeside. As Head of Karelia has explained, when gasification comes to an end problems of housing and communal services in the area which make about one third of republican problems in the municipal sphere will be solved. Prime Minister has promised support in this field. Currently, Gazprom is laying the gas main to Leningrad region, and, most likely, continuation of the gas main up to regions of Karelia located in Ladoga Lakeside will be included this program .

The third important issue is signing some roads in the jurisdiction of the republic off to federal structures. These are a motorway from Vologda to Medvezhyegorsk in the extent of 230 kilometers, a road approaching Besovets airport and a road to the settlement of Wärtsilä. "It is clear, that federal agencies are not quite happy to take them onto the books, – Head of Karelia has noted, – but we have received a resolution which with proper efforts from our party makes it possible for us to expect a favourable decision at least concerning these roads."

Development of Besovets airport was also discussed. Andrei Nelidov has emphasized that one of the first mission he was charged with as Head of Karelia by the Prime Minister was increasing transport accessibility of the republic. Daily flights between Moscow and Petrozavodsk at the price of 3,500 roubles per one-way ticket were introduced on January 11, and Vladimir Putin has estimated it as a step forward in a right direction. Further conversation concerned development of the airport infrastructure: landing, navigating and security systems, guarding, drainage channels are necessary. "It is a huge money, – Andrei Nelidov has noted. – The republic was included into the corresponding federal program, but this year we were refused to get the necessary financial aid. Vladimir Putin has appended instructions to return to the issue of including the airport of Petrozavodsk to the list of priority airports of Russia."

As Head of Karelia has pointed out, quality of documents prepared by the Government of the republic for his meeting with Prime Minister was estimated as quite high, and it makes it possible to hope that issues discussed at the meeting will find positive solutions. "I would like to express my gratitude to all members of the Government who instead of enjoying their holidays have worked hard to prepare these documents, – Andrei Nelidov said. – Our work during the vacation pays back, because we have achieved a good result." Andrei Nelidov has especially pointed out the contribution of Yuri Kancher and Devletkhan Alihanov. Now, Head of Karelia has emphasized, it is important to do the best to work out in detail and then implement the coordinated initiatives.

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