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Development of the republic was discused in Moscow at the highest levels

Andrei Nelidov speaks about results of meetings in Moscow

Andrei Nelidov speaks about results of meetings in Moscow

Within a week Head of Karelia Andrei Nelidov has held a number of important meetings in Moscow where key issues of further development of the republic were discussed. Upon returning to Petrozavodsk on July 22 head of the region has told about results of negotiations.

The main event of the trip was a working meeting with the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev which took place on July 20.

Andrey Nelidov has once again emphasized that one of the main issues discussed at the meeting was development of tourism as a strategic priority in development of the republic. "The decision was made, and the sphere of development of Karelia as a powerful modern tourist claster was supported. It is exceedingly important to the citizens of Petrozavodsk and the whole republic. It provides a line of development of the activity new to Karelia, a new industry. I hope, that Petrozavodsk becomes not the city of shops, but the city that gives opportunities to do business, to work and to have respectable salaries. In the aggregate, tourism will bring a flow of investment and taxes, that in the final analysis will have an effect on life of the people," – Head of Karelia said.

At the meeting with the President of Russia issues of development of Marcial Waters (Martsialnye Vody) spa, transferring the road from Vologda to Medvezhyegorsk to the federal ownership and wildfire suppression were discussed, too.

Another important meeting was Andrei Nelidov's negotiation in the company of Gazprom that took place on July 21. As Andrei Nelidov has told, with Kirill Seleznev, Member of the Board of Directors of Gazprom, Director General of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz, they discussed the step-by-step plan of the company's work in heat supply of Karelia. Head of the republic has mentioned that the plan consists of two stages. In the current year Gazprom plans to become the operator of heating in all districts of Northern Ladoga Lakeside, and in 2012 the company may start working in regions located along the Kola highway, from north to south of Karelia. "I consider it a very important decision as the problem of heating in Karelia is more than just a matter of comfort, it is security of the republic," – Head of Karelia declared.

On July 21 Andrei Nelidov was also received by the Defense Minister of Russia Anatoliy Serdyukov. During the meeting the issue of transferring a part of the Petrozavodsk airfield from the Ministry of Defence to the ownership of the republic was negotiated. Head of Karelia said that it is important for the region to have a legal cause to invest into expansion and modernization of the airport. The principle agreement was reached at the meeting, and to implement it Valentin Luntsevich, Deputy Head of the Republic of Karelia and Minister of Economic Development, has departed for Moscow. Andrei Nelidov has mentioned that initial funds for modernization of Petrozavodsk airport may be invested already in the current year.

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