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In Petrozavodsk, President of Russia had a meeting with journalists of the Northwest Federal District

On November, 24 during his working trip to Karelia President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev had a meeting with journalists of the Northwest Federal District in Petrozavodsk. Among the journalists there were mass-media representatives from our republic.

Before his meeting with journalists, Dmitry Medvedev had a conversation with professionals working in preschool education and at children's cultural institutions, as well as with librarians of Karelia and other regions of the Northwest Federal District. Then a meeting of the head of the state with representatives of regional mass-media was held, during which Dmitry Medvedev answered journalists' questions on various aspects - from the development of the transport system of the country to the support of environment-friendly farming industry.

The first question to the President was put by Maxim Aliev, correspondent of Karelian TV channel Sampo. He has asked Head of the state about impressions about our republic, results of the meeting with professionals working in education, as well as about the prospects of easing visa regulations with European countries.

Answering the first question, Dmitry Medvedev has told, that he visited Karelia many times, since student's times when he participated in military reserve training in Lahdenpohja region.

- It was then when I have set a value upon the beauty of Karelia for the first time. - Dmitry Medvedev said.

As for the meeting with workers of preschool education, the President has mentioned that it is a very important issue, they discussed matters concerned the development of children's preschool and adult education, the network of libraries and other institutions of culture.

Head of the state has emphasized that in recent years a serious impetus to development of school education was given in the country. These are implementation of the national project Education, and program of modernization of education, and the national educational initiative Our New School. In preschool education the situation is a little bit more complex, and, first of all, because salaries in this sphere lag behind seriously.

- Today I explained what we should do in the following years. I consider it very important, because, if you prefer, it is another unexecuted duty of the state. We have got down to school teachers, those who work in other state-financed spheres, doctors; we have paid considerable attention to the army and law-enforcement sphere. It is time to turn to the preschool education, culture and social sphere because workers there have extremely low salaries, too. It is necessary to do it, it is an unconditional priority and the state should take care of it. - Dmitry Medvedev has declared.

Speaking about the opportunity of establishing the visa-free regime between Russia and the European Union, the President has pointed out, that it should be a clear prospect spanned for a certain period.

Head of the state has pointed out: "We have succeeded in easing visa requirements for a number of our citizens, including young people, businesspeople and public officials travelling on business. It is imperative for us to continue in this direction."

Correspondent of Pskov state TV and radio company Nadezhda Prygina has touched upon the issue of road safety increasing and improvement of the condition of highways.

Head of the state has replied: "Unfortunately, in recent years because of the crisis we were forced to cut down on the road program. It does not mean that this state is everlasting. We shall restore volumes of road construction whenever possible."

The correspondent of Vesti newspaper of Leningrad region Mikhail Kozlov has asked the President a question about digital TV: whether the planned will come true and when digital TV will appear in the Northwest.

Dmitry Medvedev has answered, that there is no doubt, that everything will come true, because otherwise the country will not be able to develop: by 2015 we should have digital television.

- I suppose that in 5-6 years every Russian citizen, even living in the most remote place, will have 20-25 channels. There are specially assigned funds for it and specially adopted concept. Northwest makes no exception. You will see, in your region it will start in the next one or two years, - President of Russia said.

Besides, journalists of the Northwest Federal District have received President's answers to questions concerning gasification of northern territories, housing and communal services, social responsibility of the state to citizens and many other issues.

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