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Sergey Naryshkin, Chairman of the State Duma, met with the youth of Karelia

The working visit of Sergey Naryshkin, Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, to Karelia started with the conversation with members of the Youth Parliament of the republic and representatives of youth public organizations. Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen, Minister of Youth Affairs, Physical Training, Sports and Tourism Alexander Voronov, Mayor of Petrozavodsk Nikolai Levin also took part in the meeting.

Ц Today our young generation consists of those people who will form the image of the future Russia. And, if we want to see the country strong and independent, we need our youth to be well-educated, responsible and appreciating patriotic values, Ц Chairman of the State Duma said.

According to Sergey Naryshkin, today there are many federal and regional programs focused on development of scientific, sports and spiritual potential of the youth. By means of different mechanisms the state aspires to involve the most active and initiative young people to take part in political life of the country and to help them to show their worth.

As Sergey Naryshkin pointed out, in Karelia there are 531 registered public organizations, of which only 38 are youth organizations. "Only 10 percent of young people take part in work of such organizations. I am sure that this figure can be increased at least twice," Ц Chairman of the State Duma said. Ц An important direction of work may become formation of the Euroasian Youth Parliament which would become a platform for development of youth initiatives and projects."

Speaking of that, Vice-Chairperson of the Youth Parliament of Karelia Ekaterina Alekseeva has paid attention of the speaker to the fact that today youth international cooperation with the European countries in the republic is well-developed, though there are problems with implementation of projects in the ex-Soviet space. Therefore, at the meeting it was offered to develop an interstate program The Youth of Eurasia for development of cooperation and support of youth initiatives, and to create the register of noncommercial organizations which develop public diplomacy.

Member of the Public Chamber of Karelia Roman Golubev told Chairman of the State Duma about youth educational project PolitRegion implemented in the republic in 2009. The project helped young people who had already shown their worth in active public work to participate in municipal elections. As a result of implementation of the project 15 young people became deputies of town and rural settlements. Today the project is expected to expand and, as Alexander Khudilainen assured, it will be supported by the regional authority. Head of Karelia also called upon the young people to get engaged in politics more actively as elections in institutions of local government will take place in the republic next year.

Ц Within a year we should carry out lots of work and prepare worthy people for the elections. We need your lucid minds and bright intellects, Ц Head of the region said.

Chairman of the Young Scientists' Council Evgeny Zhirnel dwelled on the issue of mobilization of young people to work in regions of the republic. According to Head of Karelia, the budget of the next year will allocate means for solution of the problem of outflow of specialists from the countryside: it is planned to build annually 3-5 houses for the young experts working in the countryside.

Matters at the meeting also concerned the issue of supersaturation of the labour market with personnel of popular trades, while currently blue-collar jobs are in greater demand. Director of the Center for Assistance to Youth Employment Pavel Prokhorov suggested Chairman of the State Duma to consider the project The Job That Your Country Needs, and to make Karelia a pilot ground for its implementation.

At the meeting with Sergey Naryshkin youth of the republic raised questions concerning the recently accepted law on 'foreign agent' NGOs, on distribution of federal grants supporting noncommercial organizations. The conversation concerned social and economic issues, including support of forest settlements, preservation of Karelian national culture and Karelian language.

In conclusion of the meeting the eminent guest was invited to take part in the fifth forum Hyperborea to be held next year.

Sergey Naryshkin has thanked the youth for the conversation.

Ц Such conversations are important to me as they help to understand better the young people's interests and topics the most actual to them. I hope, authorities of the republic will support the activity of youth in the republic, Ц Chairman of the State Duma said.

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