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President of Russia Vladimir Putin had a meeting with Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen

Russian President Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Head of the Republic of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen. Positive resolutions of the Head of the state were received to all appeals of the republic submitted during this meeting.

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Khudilainen

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Khudilainen

Vladimir Putin at the meeting with Alexander Khudilainen

Vladimir Putin at the meeting with Alexander Khudilainen

Head of the region Alexander Khudilainen has told about it on November 2, at the press conference which main subject was summing-up his working to Moscow.

First of all, Alexander Khudilainen has informed journalists on results of his meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Ц The meeting was very fruitful, very perspective for Karelia. We had prepared a number of offers, appeals, and letters concerning both solutions of existing problems, and prospects of development of the republic. Vladimir Putin considered every problem very carefully, and had given a score of commissions.

One of the focal issues of the discussion, according to Alexander Khudilainen, was the prospect of implementation of the project of development of unique mineral deposits in Pudozh and Medvezhiegorsk regions which may become a powerful impulse for development of the economy in Karelia.

Head of the Republic of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen

Head of the Republic of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen

Before the meeting with Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen

Before the meeting with  Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen

Ц The most important is that it was possible to convince Vladimir Putin of including the hearing of the opportunities and prospects of implementation of the Pudozh megaproject in the plan of work of the Government of Russia for the first six months of 2013. Pudozh and Medvezhiegorsk regions have unique mineral deposits. Currently, they are estimated to make more than 6 billion tons.

Head of Karelia has explained that working group of representatives of the scientific community of Karelia and St.-Petersburg preparing a substantiation of the opportunity of the project implementation is already formed.

Ц There's lots of work concerning both preparation, and implementation. It will take neither one, nor two, nor the whole five years, but it is a very powerful prospect for Karelia. This is the long-range goal and the direction which may change life in Karelia within a certain period of time. However, to make it happen it is necessary to work a lot, Ц Alexander Khudilainen emphasized.

Besides prospects, acute problems of life in the republic were discussed at the meeting of the President of Russia with Head of Karelia. Matters concerned problems of enterprises forming company towns, in particular, Kondopoga Pulp and Paper Plant on which work lives of thousands of people depend. The meeting of the Head of Karelia with Minister of Regional Development Igor Slunyayev that had also taken place in Moscow was in many respects devoted to this issue.

At the press conference Head of Karelia has mentioned that the situation in Nadvoitsy, one of the single-industry towns of the republic, is controlled by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, and now Kondopoga requires the same kind of support.

Ц I have asked to render assistance to Kondopoga as a pilot decision. Today there is a problem of decline in demand for newsprint in the market. Many printed editions close, the market drops. It is clear, that it is necessary to change the line of business of enterprises, the corresponding program is prepared together with Vnesheconombank (Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs). Both Vladimir Putin, and the Minister have promised their support. Now it is necessary to work thoroughly to make the project of modernization of Kondopoga Pulp and Paper Plant derive support.

Head of Karelia has pointed out that matters at the meeting with the President also concerned solution of problems in social sphere, road construction, expansion of transport availability and improvement of communication with Finland, construction of social objects, in particular, construction of the Ice Palace in Petrozavodsk, development of air transportations. Issues of reconstruction of the Gogol overpass and preparation for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia have been discussed.

Ц Positive resolutions of the President have been received to all appeals. Now, to implement all our offers and assignments of the President, the Government and the parliament of the republic will have to do a lot of teamwork in cooperation with the Government of the Russian Federation, Ц Alexander Khudilainen said .

Head of the region has also mentioned that in Moscow he had had meetings with Chairman of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin and Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky.

Alexander Khudilainen has informed, that the speaker of the State Duma Sergey has supported the initiative of Karelia about regulation of terms of using winter tyres. Let us remind, that this initiative was offered by the Head of the republic at the session of Government Karelia on October, 29.

Ц It is not a whim, it is life and health of people. We're going to come forward with this initiative at the federal level, Ц Alexander Khudilainen said.

Journalists of the republic have asked Head of Karelia their questions.

One of the first questions concerned the republic's capability to cover the budget deficit that occurs upon accession of Karelsky Okatysh (Karelian Iron-Ore Pellets) to the so-called Severstal's consolidated group of taxpayers.

Head of Karelia has mentioned that he has been able to discuss this situation with the President of Russia.

Ц The President has not only signed the letter, but he picked up the telephone and gave a call to Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. Then the Minister called back, and on November, 8 we're going to the Ministry of Finance of Russia to discuss opportunities of indemnification of the shortfall in income, which is at least 2,6 billion roubles.

The journalists have asked to tell about decisions made on results of discussion of reconstruction of the Gogol bridge in Petrozavodsk with the President in greater detail. Alexander Khudilainen has explained that the Head of the state has instructed the Ministry of Transport to help Karelia.

Ц Preliminary, the cost of reconstruction of the bridge and its expansion almost twice as wide, with settling residents of neighboring houses in a new place makes 2,2 billion roubles. Now together with the Administration of the city of Petrozavodsk we need to work in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport of Russia, and I think, that we shall find compromises to join the program of 2013 and to begin reconstruction in 2013, Ц Head of the region has noted.

Making comments on the information on possible liquidation of Karellesprom, Head of Karelia has emphasized: "Karellesprom will keep on working, whatever rumours are."

Ц There's no liquidation in plans of the Government and Karellesprom, and there can't be any. Optimization of expenses is in progress, Karellesprom is in charge of many issues which its is not supposed to be in charge of, therefore, the new director has made an absolutely reasonable offer to optimize expenses, not to be a milker, but an economic entity that is careful with money, Ц Alexander Khudilainen mentioned.

Moreover, Karellesprom will increase volumes of timber cuttings for which, in the opinion of Alexander Khudilainen, it is necessary to build roads, and the corresponding equipment will be purchased.

Ц Our problem with timber cutting in Karelia is that almost nobody builds any roads. We need to concuss our leaseholders to build roads, not only to cut timber along the roads. It is clear, that we'll not be ably to change the situation in an instant, but we'll concuss everybody including Karellesprom to build roads to increase timber harvesting, Ц Head of Karelia has emphasized.

Besides, issues concerning development of agriculture, cooperation with Finland, housing construction in cities and towns of the republic have been discussed at the press-conference within the question-and-answer session.

Alexander Khudilainen has pointed out that new demands will be made to builders. In particular, in the opinion of the Head of the republic, builders should shoulder the burden of construction of associated social objects and to be more careful when it comes to preservation of adjacent green zones.

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