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Alexander Khudilainen: "President has called the citizens to fulfil Russia's potential"

On December, 4 Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen has taken part in the ceremony of announcement of the Presidential Annual Address to the Federal Assembly.

Head of the republic has commented on a number of theses of the Address of the head of the state related to the social and economic spheres:

– One of the most important aspects mentioned by Vladimir Putin was extending priority development areas (PDA) regulations in single-industry cities. It is of high importance to Karelia. The problem of single-industry towns is one of the most acute for the economy of our region, the more so that we used to have 11 single-industry towns in our territory of more than 300 all over the country. I shall remind that the issue of single-industry towns was discussed in Karelia in April at the meeting chaired by Vladimir Putin during his visit to the republic. Presidential initiative will promote solution of problems of single-industry towns, establishing of new enterprises and creation of new jobs, will provide an opportunity for further development.

In his Address head of the country has also touched on a topic of entrepreneurship development in Russia. President has suggested a number of measures that will free up the environment for doing business. In particular, it is lifting restrictions on it as much as possible, freeing it from intrusive supervision and control. I should point that out that Vladimir Putin pursues this policy consistently. In particular, improving the regulation of local self-government institutions was discussed last year at the Meeting of the Presidential Council for the Local Self-Government Development. And today we can see the lift of supervision of local self-governing bodies.

President has also proposed to freeze the existing tax parameters as they are for the next four years. I believe that this is an essential support for the business community, as it will enable both business and public authorities to plan their activities and will bring certain stability.

Another issues highlighted by the President was food supply security in the regions considering that a number of articles of food are prohibited for importation into the Russian Federation. Head of the state has set a task to provide the citizens with high-quality and affordable medicines and food that are produced mostly in Russia. Karelia can contribute to it delivering the products of Karelian fish farmers to the market. about 70% of Russian trout is grown in Karelia now, last year the catch has made 23,000 tons of this fish.

I should mention that the current situation in the agrofood market of the republic is stable. We keep a check on the prices every day. From the beginning of August most of the product pricing of agricultural producers of Karelia has not advanced.

In his Address President has called to double the volume of road construction across Russia and to fix regional and local roads. It is another top-priority task for Karelia. Well-developed transport infrastructure is necessary to establish new manufactures and enterprises. This year 3.8 billion roubles was assigned on reconditioning of federal roads, and 500 mln. roubles on reconditioning of regional and local roads in Karelia. Of course we will keep taking measures to improve roads within the territory of the republic.

Head of the country has also considered the issue of demographics: Russia registered natural population growth, and our demographic programs have proved their effectiveness. Positive changes have been observed in Karelia, too, where the birth rate has grown. 200 more children were born in 10 months of the year compared to the same period in the previous year. 6443 children were born total.

As Vladimir Putin has told, implementation of demographic programs in the country will continue. It will contribute to the birth rate growth. We will keep on solving the task of creating spots at schools, where children attend the second shift. This is the task set by Vladimir Putin before the federal government and the regions.

It should be mentioned that one of the message of the head of the country was to give the people an opportunity for self-fulfilment, taking public initiatives, to become involved in organising their own lives – it works in Karelia. For instance, there are Public committees on implementation of the Presidential Address, and implementation of the Local Initiatives' Support Program is in progress.

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