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The Mining Road route is recognized to be one of the best projects in the sphere of tourism

Both partners from Karelia, and From Finland have called introdiction of the international tourist route and building a team of fellow-thinkers the main result of the work undertaken for 2 years.

Results of Mining Road Project within the Karelia European Neighbourhood Partnership Instrument program of cross-border cooperation (Karelia ENPI CBC) were summed-up at the closing seminar in the town of Kuopio. All the project partners have presented their reports on the work accomplished during the project implementation and on the experience the gained, and have made presentations of the results achieved. Representatives of the management of Institute of Geology of Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Leading Partner, have made a detailed presentation of Mining Road interstate cross-border geological-and-historical route and reported about prospects of its development.

By the conclusion of the project, some objects were included in the route devoted to the history of mining and metallurgy development from Petrozavodsk to Kuopio. There had been prepared proper infrastructure, tourist, travelling, and reference information, including guidebooks and virtual tours. 32 persons were trained to become tourist guides, test trips took place. The route is ready to be used by tourist enterprises and organizations.

Experts of Institute of Geology of Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences and National Museum of the Republic of Karelia have in addition revealed a lot of objects at a distance from the main route, although being of the utmost cultural and historical interest. For further research of these objects and their involvement in tourist circulation, as well as for further informational support of objects of the Mining Road, Institute of Geology intends to establish a special group.

Administrations of self-governing authorities in which regions the objects of the route are located are working on plans for development of tourist infrastructure along the route and are getting ready to forward the objects to investors for further service. The State Committee of the Republic of Karelia for Tourism will support informational promotion of the Mining Road tourist route and inclusion of its objects in the tourist cluster of Southern Karelia.

Ministry of Education of the Republic of Karelia and Tourist Center for Children and Youth of the Republic have established a new sphere in youth outreach. 160 teenagers and 30 teachers have taken part in three expeditions of Summer volunteer Camp. They were engaged in activities concerning studying and reconstruction of local history, which is truly a part of patriotic education.

In the opinion of representative of the Karelia ENPI CBC Program Dmitry Bazegsky, Mining Road Project has become one of the best projects of ENPI CBC Program in Karelia. Administrator of the project and employees of Institute of Geology of Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaly Shekov and Andrei Ivanov were awarded letters of gratitude of the State Committee of the Republic of Karelia for Tourism.

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