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Alexander Khudilainen: "The House of Karelia to appear in Moscow"

Presentation of investment, cultural and tourist prospects of our republic has taken place on December, 19 in the Prefecture of Northern Administrative Area of Moscow within the scope of the Days of the republic of Karelia.

Entrepreneurs, prospective investors, municipal officials, people working in most different spheres and interested in cooperation with Karelia, heads of executive bodies of the republic, and participants of Karelian Community in Moscow have gathered in the Grand Hall of the prefecture.

Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen has presented the opportunities that our republic is ready to offer to investors, key spheres of its economic activities in which the Government of Karelia offers to enhance and strengthen cooperation with Moscow.

He has also mentioned that Karelia pursues the policy of encouraging the investors, aimed at development of favourable investment climate, and these efforts already bear fruit.

Head of Karelia has told about the work performed within the scope of the State Commission for preparation for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia and development of the federal target program of Karelia's social and economic development.

Alexander Khudilainen has pointed out that Moscow and Karelia have been supporting economic, social and cultural cooperation for many years. This cooperation includes extraction of minerals and stone milling, fish-farming and fish-processing, development of minihydrogeneration, improvement of quality and reliability of electricity supply. Cooperation in the sphere of public health services, education, culture, tourism, exhibition activities and sports is in progress. Moscow is one of the main consumers of the output of Karelian enterprises, and it is also the source of investments, sets the pattern of new creative initiatives in the sphere of science, education, and culture.

At the same time, head of the region has mentioned, Karelia is ready to enhance cooperation further on and to develop new spheres of joint activities. Representatives of business community have entertained the suggestion of the Head of the republic. A lot of questions have been asked concerning establishing of new enterprises, including innovational.

Thus, Samson Reznik, Vice-Chairman of the Committee for Regional Cooperation of the Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Director of Innovative Development Ltd. has suggested to develop cooperation in the sphere of innovative solutions that may be applied in industry and in agriculture. On his words, Karelian experts could take part in work of the Center for implementation of innovative solutions. It may concern construction of energy-efficient wooden houses, new technologies for trout-farming, etc.

According to Lev Borisov, Advisor to the Federal Directorate of Centrquarz Inc., Karelia has raw quartz that may be used in most different spheres of industry, including technology and atomic industries. As Lev Borisov has pointed out, micropowders are in massive demand in the world, they are used in the most advanced research and development. Joint research is conducted in cooperation with Karelian scientists at quartz and other deposits within the territory of Karelia, and in the future this sphere could become a prospective line of development.

Offers on cooperation in the sphere of mining and modernization of agricultural enterprises have also been made. Those entrepreneurs who had visited the trade fair of goods from Karelia have suggested to open a market in Moscow where Moscovites could purchase fish, or embroidered products from Karelia, farm produce, honey and milk, article made of Karelian birch, etc.

We've already launched work in this sphere at the support of Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. The House of Karelia will appear in Moscow shortly. At the moment we're searching for a building able to hold shuch center where goods and souvenirs from Karelia will be available, Head of Karelia has told.

Summing up the conversation, Alexander Khudilainen has mentioned the following:

Keen interest to Karelia was observed during the presentation. I suppose that in consequence of such events the number of people willing to visit Karelia and the number of those who's interested in its life and its features will grow considerably. Our major task id to spark interest to Karelia.

He has also mentioned that today cooperation develops in the line of municipalities. Thus, Olonets and Medvezhegorsk regions of Karelia are concluding agreements of sister-city relations with Northern Administrative Area of Moscow. Moscovites are looking for sites in Olonets region to build recreation camps for children.

Every region of the republic will take advantage of its zests and in cooperation with Moscow's areas. I believe these are first steps, and, as cooperation develops, we'll realise what's better for Karelia and what's good for Moscow, an will develop this mutual interest, Alexander Khudilainen has added.

In conclusion of the presentation, Vladislav Bazanchuk, Prefect of Northern Administrative Area of Moscow, on behalf of residents of the area has thanked Head of Karelia for active steps for development of cooperation.

For the first time in my work I see head of the region concerned so much about issues of cooperation and promotion of of his region. With your onslaught we'll join our efforts to promote our ideas, and we'll build The House of Karelia in Moscow shortly, he said.

There, in the lobby of the prefecture the exhibition of investment prospects of Karelia was organized. Alexander Khudilainen and Vladislav Bazanchuk have taken a tour of the exhibition, and Head of Karelia has told Prefect of Northern Administrative Area about major places of interest and natural resources of our republic.

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