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Vladimir Putin wins re-election with more than 73% of the votes, surpassing the support he received in the 2012 presidential election almost by one quarter

Today, the Information and Situation Center of Karelia's Central Election Commission (CEC) has hosted a press-conference with the Chairperson of CEC Aleksey Bakhilin, who commented upon the results of the recent presidential election in Russia.

Alexey Bakhilin said that CEC can present only the preliminary results, as the ballots are still being counted by the local election committees.

The overall voter turnout in Karelia was 57.2 percent with 216,899 thousand votes (73.04%) cast for Vladimir Putin, which is 45,519 thousand people or 26 percent more than in 2012. In all the Karelia's electoral districts current Russian President received no less than 70 percent of the vote with some municipal entities giving him as much as 77 percent approval.

Russia's Communist Party candidate Pavel Grudinin came second in the race with 11.35 percent, followed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the liberal democratic candidate, with 7.83 percent; Ksenia Sobchak, the liberal "against-all" candidate, with 2.28 percent; and Grigory Yavlinsky, the centre-left liberal candidate, with 1.76 percent. The remainder of the vote was shared by Boris Titov, the liberal conservative candidate (1.08 percent); Sergei Baburin, the national conservative candidate (0.79 percent); and Maxim Suraykin, another communist candidate (0.65 percent).

The highest voter turnover has been recorded in Kostomuksha (61.36%), Petrozavodsk (60.31%) and Kondopoga (58.97%), and the lowest one in Pudozh district.

Alexey Bakhilin also said that this time fewer ballots were declared null and void in comparison with the 2012 election. He explained it by an effective outreach strategy aimed at developing the legal culture of the voters.

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