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News of the Republic of Karelia


  November, 30Growth of foreign trade turnover in Karelia has made 125% to the level of the previous year
  November, 29In nine months the amount of investments in fixed-capital assets of enterprises of Karelia has made 144.6% to the last year's level
  November, 28Participants of the Ist Karelian international investment forum Investments in the Future offer new approaches for regional development Фотоматериалы
Positive changes in Karelia start with the forum Investments in the Future Фотоматериалы
  November, 25In Petrozavodsk, President of Russia had a meeting with journalists of the Northwest Federal District
The contract for provision of gas supply of Karelia is signed in the presence of President of Russia Фотоматериалы
  November, 24The Memorandum of Partnership between the Government of Karelia and Vдsterbotten County Administrative Board concerning establishing and development of eco-efficient communities is signed Фотоматериалы
Mining industry of Karelia improves its results
  November, 23International forum "Investments in the Future" to be launched in Karelia on November, 24
  November, 21Innovative companies of the republic receive grants for developing production Фотоматериалы
  November, 18Business Incubator of Karelia has won The Young Lions 2011 National Premium for the best management Фотоматериалы
  November, 16Ensemble Kantele has taken part in Dance Festival Barents Фотоматериалы
  November, 15Results of Karelian-Finnish project focused on prevention of HIV were discussed in Petrozavodsk
  November, 11Vepsian band "Noid" to take part in the minority language song contest
  November, 9Kantele ensemble performs at the Russian Culture festival in Joensuu Фотоматериалы
  November, 8The forum Investments in the Future will allow Karelia to present its potential and to involve investors in implementation of new projects
Delegation of the Ministry of of Nature Management and Ecology of Karelia takes part in the Barents Euro-Arctic Council meeting of the Ministers of the Environment in Umea
  November, 4Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in Northwest federal district Nikolay Vinnichenko is on a working visit in Karelia Фотоматериалы
A company from Austria is ready to implement an investment project of constructing a saw-mill in Kem Фотоматериалы
  November, 2Karelian enterprises present their solutions at the IV International Nanotechnology Forum Rusnanotech 2011 in Moscow Фотоматериалы
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