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Levashovsky and Mariinsky boulevards of Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk is a beautiful and clean city with lots of trees in it. Tourist and quests coming to the capital of the Republic always notice that. Numerous parks, public gardens, boulevards where a tired citizen can rest, enjoy the beauty of Karelian nature, walking in the shades of the trees and spending time by the fountains. Such places always add special beauty to any city.

There are many places like that in our city. It took a lot of time and efforts to build a city with so many new streets, parks and boulevards.

The first boulevard appeared in Petrozavodsk in 1899.

Levashovsky boulevard, 1905
Levashovsky boulevard

100 years ago a suggestion to build a boulevard was made by the Head of the province V.A. Levashov. The works were supervised by the grand duke N.A. Volkonsky.

The citizens were asked to help in the construction of the boulevard. A response was very positive and huge donations were made. Local newspaper "Olonetsky province news" regularly published the names of the people who made donations and the sums of donated money as well as expenses connected with that project.

The works on the boulevard moved quickly thanks to the participation of the citizens. Lindens planted the alley, flowerbeds were made, a canal was dug on both sides of the alley and paths were laid by wintertime

Levashovsky boulevard, 1937
Levashovsky boulevard
A hundred cast iron benches were made at the Alexandrovsky plant, Onego tractor plant today. A little later on the shores of the Onego lake an orchestra stage was built.

Presentation of the boulevard was accompanied by big festivities with free treats, orchestra music in the presence of the Head of the province V.A. Levashov in 1900, July 10.

Levashovsky boulevard, 1999
Levashovsky boulevard
The first fountain on the boulevard was built and started to function in 1903, July 23. On that same night gaslights were turned on.

The second boulevard was built in 1905 in Mariinskaya street. You can read about it the newspaper of the time "Olonetsky province news". English street was always considered to be the best in the city, later it was renamed in to Mariinsky street. Today this street bears the name of K.Marks. That street connects two centers of the city: cultural with the temple of the Holy Spirit and a Guest House, gymnasium with administrative center located on Peter's square today a square of Lenin.

English street had such a name because of the foreigners that lived on it. They were invited by Peter the first to work at the plant.

There was a deep trench between Mariinskaya street and Alexandrovsky plant caused by the big flood in 1800. Later they started to mine sand from that trench and that could not add to the beauty of the street.

There was another problem that did not help the look of the city. Two huge cabbage fields were located on the shores of Lososinka river and every visitor noticed them.

The vice governor of Petrozavodsk Shilovsky decided to change the looks of the city.

In July 15 a decision was made to build a boulevard along Mariinskaya street starting from the Public Library up to the corner of Drevlaynka street, Gogolya street today. Trees and bushes were ordered from Saint Petersburg, and cast iron benches were ordered at the Alexandrovlsky plant.

The boulevard itself was planted by poplars. The slopes and alleys were planted by maples, birches, lindens and larches. A big flowerbed was made in front of the plant on the big flat sport. Hawthorn was planted along the street side of the alley to become a "green" fence later.

This boulevards with history of almost 100 years have become a real decoration of the city and favorite places of rest for the citizens of Petrozavodsk.

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