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The Ministry of Agriculture, Fish and Hunting Industry of the Republic of Karelia
Minister: Vsevolod L.Telitsyn
Personnel: 92 employees
Address: 185000, Petrozavodsk, Sverdlov str., 8
Telephone: +7(814-2)78-52-15, 78-48-46
Fax: +7-8142-78-35-10
E-mail address:
Acting Minister: Grigory N.Manuilov 78-52-15
First Deputy Minister: Alexander V.Salamatin 78-51-91
Deputy Minister: Irina A.Naturalnova 76-38-09
Deputy Minister: Sergey A.Lekkerev 78-04-40
General Information

Ministry of Agriculture, Fish Industry and Food of the Republic of Karelia is the republican body of the state government. It was established June 17 in 1994 and persues the state policy in the sphere of agriculture and food production.

The Ministry acts in cooperation with other republican state govrnment bodies, local bodies, social and other organizations irrespective their juridicial form.

All decisions of the Ministry are made only in accordance with established Russian Federation and Karelian Republic laws and within the limits of its authority and are obligatory for all subordinate enterprizes and organizations irrespective of their property form.

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