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Telephones of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia
Minister Mikhail N.Yurinov 792-300
Secretary Tatyana S.Kornykhina 792-300
The First Deputy Minister 792-302
Deputy Minister Dmitry S.Kislov 792-303
Deputy Minister Eugeny E.Kotkin 792-304
Deputy Minister Semen N.Manuilov 792-305
Consultant Eugeny A.Pruzhinin 792-412
Office of Economic Analysis and Forecasting
Office Director Tatyana A.Monakova 792-306
Department of Monitoring and Regional Development Programs
Department Director Vladimir P.Krylov 792-314
Department of Forecasting and Introduction of Methods of Medium-Term Economic Planning
Department Director Svetlana G.Vikhareva 792-313
Consultant Svetlana A.Petukhova 792-348
Department of Pricing Policy
Department Director Lubov G.Zaprivoda 792-315
Office of Investments and State Support of Entrepreneurship
Office Director Sergey V.Alimpiev 792-307
Investment department
Head of department Tatyana I.Chzhan 792-316
Department of state support of investment activity
Head of department Elena V.Osina 792-317
Department of innovative activity and state support of business activity
Head of department Olga V.Palkina 792-363
Department of economics of location
Head of department Alexander A.Amosov 792-318
Office of Development of Economy of Municipal Formations and Government Contractual Work
Office Director Alexander A.Berdyugin 792-308
Department for Development of Economy in Municipal Formations
Department Director Svetlana A.Gurova 792-319
Department of Government Contractual Work
Department Director Valentina V.Saburova 792-320
Office of Trade, Licensing, Transport and Communication
Office Director Alexander V.Smirnov 792-309
Department of Economy and Transport and Communication Development
Department Director Anatoly I.Kolodin 792-322
Department of Economy of Trade, Goods Markets and Licensing
Department Director Irina V.Balabanova 792-321
Office of Tourism and Social Sphere Development
Office Director Vladimir B.Chekhonin 792-311
Department of Tourism Development
Department Director Vladimir V.Gromov 792-326
Department of Economy and Social Sphere Development
Department Director Tamara M.Glushanok 792-327
Office of External Economic, Inter-Regional and International Links
Department of Foreign Trade Activity and Inter-Regional Cooperation
Department Director Eugenia B.Trofimova 792-328
Department of International, Frontier Cooperation and Protocol
Department Director Alexander B.Pavlov 792-329
Consultant Georgy R. Yevtyukov 792-415
Consultant Yuri A.Filimonov 792-416
Office of Informatization and Information Protection
Department for Informatization
Office Director -
Department Director
Vladimir K.Solovov 792-312
Department for Information Protection
Department Director Svetlana V.Kudryashova 792-330
Department of Mobilization Preparation of Economy
Department Director Alexey M.Sokolov 792-331
Department Enforceability and Peopleware
Department Director Elena N.Gulyayeva 792-333
Department of Financial Provision
Department Director Irina I.Kirillova 792-332
Deputy Chief Irina N.Sazhko 792-401
Front Office
Department Director Viktor B.Balayev 792-334

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