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The Information on the Enterprises with Foreign Investments in the Republic of Karelia on the 01.08.2000

The Total Number of the Enterprises with Foreign Investments in the Republic of Karelia
out of them
  • registered by the appropriate bodies RK:
1. with share of foreign investments
(joint ventures, the affiliates of joint ventures...)
2. the enterprises totally belonging to foreign investors124
The registered in RK enterprises were created in the following lawful forms:
1. The joint-stock company of closed type9823.4%
2. The closed joint-stock company5713.6%
3. The joint-stock company of open type30.7%
4. The joint-stock company of open type71.7%
5. The company limited9322.2%
6. The join-stock limited8520.3%
7. The mixed company10.2%
8. The affiliate of the joint venture266.2%
9. The affiliate of foreign company235.5%
10.The individual private enterprise122.9%
11.The branch of foreign company143.3%
In the registered in RK enterprises the foreign investors from the following countries take part:
1. Austria61.4%
2. Bulgaria51.2%
3. Hungary30.7%
4. Germany174.1%
5. Turkey20.5%
6. Sweden102.4%
7. Finland23255.6%
8. Estonia143.3%
9. Czech20.5%
10. Ireland30.7%
11. The United States of America276.4%
12. Poland30.7%
13. Spain30.7%
14. Israel20.5%
15. Italy30.7%
17. Lithuania30.7%
18. Cyprus122.9%
19. Denmark41.0%
20. Great Britain122.9%
21. Liechtenstein10.2%
22. Georgia30.7%
23. Norway51.2%
24. Slovakia10.2%
25. Switzerland41.0%
26. The Republic of Panama10.2%
28. France10.2%
29. Byelorussia61.4%
30. Andorra10.2%
31. Kazakhstan10.2%
32. Ukraine51.2%
33. Canada10.2%
34. Vietnam41.0%
35. Iceland20.5%
36. Romania10.2%
37. Holland30.7%
38. Moldavia30.7%
39. Egypt10.2%
40. Belgium20.5%
41. Gibraltar20.5%
The registered in RK enterprises conduct their activities in the following main areas of industries:
1.forestation, forestry, wood-processing, the production of saw materials, wood goods12129.0%
2. the arrangement of car service, transportation and passenger services, car reconstruction and selling327.6%
3. the arrangement of aircraft transportation10.2%
4. transportation and provision with oil products30.7%
5. road, residential areas and industrial construction 215.0%
6. the arrangement of tourism, the construction and service of rest houses, hotel complexes, campings184.3%
7. the arrangement of the service sphere, the opening of bars, cafes, shops81.9%
8.the construction and repairing of navy, transportation via water roads30.7%
9. fishbreeding, industrial fishcatch, fishproduct processing112.6%
10. agricultural production81.9%
11. light industry and folk craft industry307.2%
12.the arrangement of the wholesale and retail trade, trade purchase and medium activities9222.0%
13. picking up and processing of wildgrowing berries and mushrooms71.7%
14. research-technical production, consulting, marketing and training204.8%
15. geological perspective works and processing of natural resources225.3%
16. processing, storing and shipping of scrap iron; organization of receiving scrap iron shops10.2%
17. the production of paper, chemical, power and other machine making equipment20.5%
18. electroproduction making, electrical installation works10.2%
19. the production of plastic goods10.2%
20. designing and construction of communication units10.2%
21. other types of activities163.8 %
The registered in RK enterprises are located in the following towns and districts of Karelia:
1. Petrozavodsk23756.8%
3. Kostomuksha317.4%
4. Segezha51.2%
5. Kondopoga71.7%
6. Kyem10.2%
7. Pitkyaranta122.9%
8. Vepps National District20.5%
9. Prionezhsky district61.4%
10. Olonets district 215.0%
11. Lachdenpohya district 143.3%
12. Louchy district61.4%
13. Medvezhegorsky district 81.9%
14. Pudozhsky district 61.4%
15. Kalevalsky district61.4%
16. Suoyarvsky district61.4%
17. Pryazhinsky district61.4%
18. Byelomorsky district61.4%
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