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Military Registration and Enlistment Office of the Republic of Karelia
Military Commissar: Andrei A.Artemiev
Established on: October 20, 1938
Address: Antikainen str., 19, Petrozavodsk, 185000
Fax: +7(814-2)78-22-26
Telephone: +7(814-2)78-29-06
Major tasks
  • mobilization training of military-trained resources
  • preparation of experts during military training
  • military draft in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation
  • recruitment of citizens to serve under contract contract according to the Transition to recruitment of servicemen doing military service under contract in a number of formations and military units in 2004-2007 Federal target program
  • assistance to resourcing of professional army through patriotic education of youth, development of military and technical kinds of sports
  • provision of social and retirement income of pensioners of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
  • conducting of military registration

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