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The Ministry of Labour and Employment of the Republic of Karelia
Minister: Ivan S.Skrynikov
Established on: July 15, 1999
Personnel: 75 employees
Address: A.Nevsky Ave., 33, Petrozavodsk, 185005
Telephone: +7(814-2)59-26-30
Fax: +7(814-2)59-28-75

Department of the State Job Placement Service of the Republic of Karelia (hereinafter the Department) is an enforcement authority of the Republic of Karelia following state policy in the sphere of promotion of employment within the framework of its powers in territory of the Republic of Karelia.

The Department is a part of the system of State Service for Employment.

The Department carries out its activity directly and through subordinated official bodies of service for employment (centers for employment of the population) (further - official bodies) in cooperation with federal enforcement authorities and their territorial bodies, enforcement authorities of the Republic of Karelia, institutions of local government of municipalities of the Republic of Karelia, public associations and other organizations.

Property necessary for accomplishment of activity of the Department belongs to the Republic of Karelia and is assigned to it on the right of operational administration.

Basic Powers of the Department

The Department exercises the following functions:

  1. exercises control of:
    • maintenance of the state guarantees in the field of employment of the population;
    • employment of handicapped on the basis of the established quota;
    • registration of handicapped as unemployeds;
  2. provides registration of citizens with a view of assistance in search of suitable work and the unemployed;
  3. according to the legislation provides rendering of state services in sphere of promotion of employment;
  4. carries out development and implementation of regional programs providing actions on promotion of employment, including promotion employment programs for citizens being under risk of dismissal, and also citizens especially requiring social protection and experiencing difficulties in job search;
  5. carries out verification, delivery of obligatory for execution instructions about elimination of infringements of the employment legislation, bringing persons who have broken the given legislation to account according to the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  6. carries out acceptance of measures on elimination of circumstances and reasons of revealed infringements of the employment legislation and restoration of citizens' violated rights;
  7. generalizes practice of application and analysis of reasons of infringements of the employment legislation in the Republic of Karelia, and develops corresponding offers on perfection of the given legislation.
  8. informs on employment situation in the Republic of Karelia;
  9. participates in work of draft boards concerning alternative civil service;
  10. organize work on formation, conducting and use of databank of vacant workplaces (posts) and free educational places for vocational training;
  11. carries out organizational supervision and supervises activity of subordinated official bodies;

Сurrent regulations on the Department of the State Job Placement Service of the Republic of Karelia is registered by the Federal Tax Service Department on Petrozavodsk on January 10, 2007.

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