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Reference on historical and cultural features of Segezha region

Segezha region it is located in the East of Central Karelia around Vygozero, one of the largest lakes, which has become a reservoir storage since construction of the White Sea-Baltic Channel which part it is. Vygozero and crossing it Vyg river are the basic natural and historical dominants of the region. On them there passed Northern branch of the trading way from Great Novgorod to the White Sea coast passed over them, the famous Sovereign's Road passed here through the lake, the channel being the largest hydraulic engineering construction of of the kind in the world passes through the lake and the Lower Vyg.

Historical and Cultural Potential

The region does not have many monuments of history and culture. Only 6 monuments of architecture (houses), 3 objects of industrial heritage, a number of archeologic monuments and military burial places are registered. The town of Segezha is one of the most developed industrial centres of Karelia, which has become famous abroad a long time ago. Historically the town's distinction was Segezha Pulp and Paper Plant, the largest in Europe manufacturer of kraft paper.

The subject of paper, papermakers' town is used by art workers of the region to implement various ideas: costumes made of paper, art-show and art exhibitions of products of various types of paper, master-classes on paking different articles of paper and, at last, carrying out of the Paper Carnival since 2002. The carnival as a new, large-scale, non-traditional for the Republic of Karelia form of carrying out of holidays, represents ample opportunities of using industrial product as a material for implementation of creative ideas of Segezha citizens. Due to participation in preparation and carrying out of various competitions - Mary Poppins and Co paper sculpture competition, performances of children's carnival costumes Fairy Tale, I Know You!, competition of the most foolish costumes Stylish Things, competition of costumes for pets Mastiff-Show, Dandy of the Year show, Russian and Foreign Divas performance of costumes, etc., inhabitants of Segezha of all ages and social groups are involved in organization and carrying out of the carnival.

Among interesting events of cultural life of the region one should note Christmas, Easter, Shrovetide festivals, Voinitsa Outdoor Fêtes ethnocultural holiday, Theatre Van festival, Dancing Klondike holiday. National ensembles Bravo studio, drama theatre of Segezha regional Center of Culture and Leisure, amateur cinema and photo studio Selena take part in these actions. Social Star regional competition became a serious test of the disinterested contribution of citizens of the region in the cause of the good. Finalists are defined in several nominations, the most notable citizens of Segezha have the right to open envelopes and announce names of the winners.

Almost to each event there pass exhibitions of works of masters of arts and crafts: patchwork plastic, embroidery, knitting, beading, basket-weaving.

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