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Brief information on Petrozavodsk

The city of Petrozavodsk was founded in 1703 by Peter the I. The basic manufacture is Petrozavodsky,then Alexandrovsky cannon foundry (nowadays the Onega tractor factory). The factory from which the city of Petrozavodsk began, is situated in the mouth of Lososinka river on the coast of Onego Lake. The status of the city Petrovskaya sloboda (the large village) has received under Ekaterina II's decree on March the 21st, 1777. Nowadays the population of Petrozavodsk is more than 265 thousand persons.

The basic enterprises of Petrozavodsk:

  • Transportation:
    • State Unitary Enterprise of the RK Karelavtotrans-Service
    • State Unitary Enterprise of the RK Karelavtotrans
    • Petrozavodsk production area of Northwest Commuter Passenger Company Inc.
    • Northwest branch of Federal Passenger Company Inc.
    • Petrozavodsk Municipal Unitary Enterprise Municipal Transportation
  • Engineering industry and metal-working:
    • Onego Tractor Plant Ltd.
    • Petrozavodskmash Holding company JSC
    • Stroytehnika Inc.
  • Woodworking enterprises:
    • Solomensky Timber Mill JSC
    • Petrozavodsk woodworking enterprize Ltd.
    • Kalevala Woodworking Plant Ltd.
  • Food industry:
    • Petrozavodsk baking combine Inc.
    • Petrozavodsk bakery Sampo Inc.
    • Korm Inc.
    • Karelian meat-packing plant Inc.
    • Slavmo Inc.
    • Yarmarka Trading House Ltd.
    • Yagoda Karelii (Berry of Karelia) Production Company Ltd.
  • Building enterprises:
    • Joint-Stock Company "Karelstroymekhanizatsiya"
    • VEK Building Company Inc.
    • Sana Ltd.
    • KPD Joint-Stock Company
    • Nordstroy Ltd.
    • Stroyinvest KSM Ltd.
    • Building enterprise N1 Joint-stock company
  • Housing And Communal Services:
    • Petrozavodsk Municipal Unitary Enterprise Avtospetstrans
    • Petrozavodsk Municipal Unitary Special Enterprise Memorial
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