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Municipal entity Pryazha metropolitan region

Brief information on the municipal entity

The registered long name of the municipal entity is Pryazha national metropolitan region, Pryazha national region for abbreviation.

Pryazha national region is located in the South of the Republic of Karelia. The area of the region makes 6,400 sq. km. (3.5% of territory of the republic).

The region has a unique economic and geographical location: it is situated on a watershed of the two largest lakes in Europe Lake Ladoga and Lake Onego, the distance to the border with countries of the European Union (Finland) makes 150 km. Pryazha national region is located at the intersection of two federal routes: Kola federal highway and the motorway from Petrozavodsk to St.Petersburg through Sortavala.

The administrative centre of the region is Pryazha urban-type settlement. Within the borders of the region there are seven settlements:

  1. Pryazha rural settlement, which includes Pryazha urban-type community, the settlement of Manga, villages of Kindasovo, Manga;
  2. Chalna rural settlement, which includes the settlement of Chalna administrative center, settlements of Villagora , Kutizhma, villages of Nizhniye Vidany, Vidany, Padozero, stations of Kutizhma, Padozero, Villagora ;
  3. Vedlozero rural settlement, which includes the village of Vedlozero administrative center, settlements of Kinelahta, Koivuselga, villages of Kinnerma, Kukkoila, Kutchezero, Pannila, Repnoye Ozero, Shchekkila, Shchyknavolok, Yurgelitsa, Lambinavolok, Kukoinvaara, Panniselga, Savinovo, Akimovo, Gutselga, Kaskesselga, Lambiselga, Mayaselga, Punchoila, Pogoila, Syssoila, Simanova Selga, Hlebozero, Chyornaya Lamba, Kohtuselga, Lahta, Mandera, Palalahta, Gilkozha, Koivuselga; the village of Kolatselga;
  4. Kroshnozero rural settlement, which includes the village of Kroshnozero administrative center, villages of Gongonalitsa, Yorshnavolok, Kaskesnavolok, Kokkoila, Kotchura;
  5. Matrosy rural settlement, which includes the settlement of Matrosy administrative center;
  6. Svyatozero rural settlement, which includes the village of Svyatozero administrative center, the settlement of Verkhniye Vazhiny, villages of Lizhma, Vazhinskaya Pristan;
  7. Essoila rural settlement, which includes the settlement of Essoila administrative center, settlements of Kungozerski, Sodder, Novye Peski, Syapsya, Kudama, villages of Alekka, Angenlahta, Ivanisto, Korza, Kurmoila, Metchelitsa, Mishinselga, Nizhnyaya Salma, Prokkoila, Rubtchoila, Salmenitsa, Syamozero, Syargilahta, Kamennavolok, Lahta, Chuinavolok, Churalahta, Ylyalega.

Population of Pryazha national region is 16,882 people, including 46.1% of Russians, 36.8% of Karelians, 6.3% of Finns, and 10.8% of representatives of other ethnic origins.

Timber industry, agriculture, mining industry and tourism form the basis of the region's economy. The leading enterprises are Shuyales Joint-Stock Company (timber and saw-timber), Pryazhinskoye Joint-Stock Company, Essoila Joint-Stock Company, Vedlozersky Farm State Unitary Enterprise of the RK produce in the agrarian sector,Gongonalitsa Fish Farm, Ltd., Kuzema production-agricultural cooperative fishing collective farm (fish-hatching), Prionezhsky Mining Company, Ltd. (production of crushed gabbro-diabase). Within the territory of the region there have been issued 18 licenses to develop deposits of widespread minerals. Currently, in the region there are 36 tourist objects able to accommodate 1034 guests.

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