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 Kindasovo  Kindasovo  Kindasovo  Kindasovo

On June 17, 2007, Pryazha area hosts a great holiday! As a capital of national Karelian humour, Kindasovo welcomes guests. This day for the 22nd time there will pass regional national humour festival Kindasovo - 2007 which popularity grows over the years. On the central meadow in the village and on thematic platforms one will see performances of folklore bands of our area and visitors from other territories, get acquainted with articles of national arts and crafts, participate in contests, side-shows, competitions by sea and by land, excellent prizes are waiting for you!

Constantly acting organizing committee of the folk holiday in Kindasovo village of the Pryazha district
The Republic of Karelia, 186120 Pryazha, Sovietskaya Street, 61, tel.(81456)31274, 31481
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