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Vepssky Folk Chorus

Vepssky  Folk Chorus
Vepssky Folk Chorus was established in 1936 by Vasily Kononov.

Since then the chorus has been accomplishing concerns activities, propagandizing the national culture of a small people

There are people of different trades and ages in the chorus, but all of them have something in common- their love to folk singing and dancing.

Vepssky Folk Chorus in the laureate of numerous many festivals and competition, it was the participant of international folklore festivals in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Hollow, Estonia, in the Republics Komi, Marie-L, in the cities of Moscow, Archangelsk and other Russia towns and cities.

The repertoire Vepssky Folk Chorus is made up of authentic folk songs, folk dances and sketches of everyday life.

Since 1981 the Children Chorus has been established. It became very popular both inside and outside of the volost.

The leader of the chorus is The Honored Culture worker of the Republic of Karelia Ludmila Melentyeva, Sholtozero, Lisitsina Str., 3 (telephone (814-2)738-366, Administration National Volost).

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