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Vepssky Ethnographic Museum in Sholtozero Village
The branch of the Karelia State Folklore Museum
Museum director: Ankhimova Natalya Alexandrovna
It was established October 27, 1967
Telephone: +7(8142)738450
Code of region: 186114
Address: Republic of Karelia, Vepsskaya National Volost, Sholtozero, Pochtovaya Str., 2
Working hours: Daily 10 a.m. till 5 p.m., except Monday

General information

Museum is located in the house of the Melkinfamily the monument Of Vepssky architecture of the beginning of XIX century.

Founder: Rurick Lonin, born in 1930 g., veps, local folklorist.

The museum boast about 5 000 exhibits of the main fund, including 2 000 - ethnography, 100 - cratart, 226 - numismatics, 744 - photomaterial, 898 - documents.

The Base fund is formed by the subjects, collected in places of residence of the northern veps (Republic of Karelia, Vepsskaya National Volost), there are also small collections of subjects, brought from places of residence of the middle veps (Leningrad area., Bokxitogorsky region). The Collections: spinning wheels, fabrics belongings, cloths, embroideries, ceramics (basically crockery), birch bark products, wooden dishes, instrument weave and flaxprocessing, smith instruments, metal products, wood processing instruments.

The Main excursions: "From the history veps", "Traditional occupations and providence of the veps", "The Interior Vepssky peasant home", "Modern culture an veps: public education, Vepssky Folk chorus".

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