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Sights and monuments

Pudozhsky district is an ancient inhabitant territory, that's why there are many traces of people activities, many various sights and landmarks.

Petroglyphs Petroglyphs are the unique archeological monument of the eastern shore of the Onega lake. They were found on the capes of Besov Nos and Kotchkov-Navolok, on the islands in Lake Onega - Bolshoy Golets, Maly Golets, Gury islands - all of them are included in Pudozhsky district.

Petroglyphs The Onega petroglyphs pictures are carved on the cliffs by primitive artists. They tell us about the life of the first residents of the region during the Mesolithic period.

The historical monuments also include:

Svyat-Uspensky men monastery, founded in 1350. Closed in 1918, restored in 1991. Located on the cape of Murom, on the eastern shore of the Onega lake.

Ilyinsky pogostIlyinsky pogost is located on the Vodlosero lake. Founded in 1798.
Every year a folklore holiday is held on the island Maly Kolgostrov called Ilyin Den.

In general there are 154 different architectural ancient monuments - churches, chapels, residential houses built in XIX century.

The historical monuments also include the burial of 1448, near the village of Tatarskaya Gora, the warriors of the Princes Vasily Tyomny and Dmitry Shemyaka.

The monuments are also left by closer events. In the town of Pudozh, in the settlements of Shala, Botchilovo, Pyalma, in the villages of Rimskoye, Tuba, Pestchanoye, and others there are many monuments, devoted to those who scarified their lives during the Civil war, the Soviet-Finnish war, the Great Patriotic war, during the war in Afganistan.

National park "Vodlosersky"National park "Vodlosersky"The gem of Pudozhsky district is the National park "Vodlosresky". The unique flora and fauna are of interest for the scientists and ecologists. Also they give the unforgettable impression to tourists. The lake shores and island coasts shock by their beauty in different seasons and at different time of the day. The unique patterns of the wild taiga forest, its flora and fauna are put into the Red Book.
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